B.member interview – Start the dialogue

What was a major learning for you last year?

The trust my team and our clients have in my company and accompanied vision. Exceeding economic change, change of company structure, on to the point where I could ask for honest advice,
exposing my fears but was rewarded with respect for doing so, strengthening the relationship.

How do you ensure that you continue to grow professionally?

Consider yourself as your most important client. Be honest regarding your own output (product), always be critical and ask yourself the main question; ‘Would I buy it myself?

What is your goal for 2019 (business)?

Translate and transform our years of experience into understandable but valuable and tangible business solutions. Eliminate any (false) reason to not get in dialogue with us.

Have you had any interesting meetings in B. with other members?

For no apparent reason, the Lefhebbers office has been a safe haven for other members to spill their guts, find solutions to urgent matters regarding brand design or share their epic nightly adventures. A place to start an honest dialogue.

What business advice would you like to share with other members?

Never settle for less. Remove the ego. Reach out. Ask for advice. Be good at what you are good at, and do not try to ‘fix’ it yourself if you know you are not the best person/organization to do so. We see a lot (a lot!) of shitty, thoughtless designs, presentations, documents and attempts of storytelling pass through the building every day. When confronted with the shitty output the excuse is lack of time, skills, urge or the saddest one; ‘Our client does not care if it looks good, as long as the product works’ or ‘We are selling product, so it seems to work’.

We ask; Where do you go in showroom full of cars?
Exactly, the best presented one in the middle.